Sympathy - Jewish Blessing of Condolence product id: 53-600
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  The front of the card says 'May God Comfort you among the others of Zion and Jerusulam - Traditional Jewish Blessing' which is a phrase used at time of mourning to those that are greiving. The back of the cart provides more background and says 'This blessing is from the Beit Isreal ('Perishah' section) commentary of Rabbi Joshua ben Alexander HaCohen Falk (1555-1614) a Polish Halalist and Talmudist'. While Rabbi Joshua Falk is attributed for this phrase in commentary - in the oral tradition it has several variations - among Sephadic Jews it is often said simply as 'May you be comforted by Hashem' (Tenachamu Min Hashamayim ) and among Ashkenazi it often be 'The Omnipresent will comfort you (pl.) among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem' ( Hamakom y'nachem etkhem b'tokh sha'ar avelei tziyon viyrushalayim )  
  Artist:   Leah Bat Chaim  
  Copyright:    2010 Leah Bat Chaim